Know About In-house Creche & Its Benefits

In today’s India, the number of working parents increases day by day. Because of this 1 out of 4 children born here does not have the proper support of a capable attendant. On top of that, many parents find it challenging to manage childcare obligations and their work simultaneously. Due to this, many parents, especially women, have to make the difficult choice to quit their jobs to take care of their children. 

In-house crèche is a child care facility that companies provide in on-site locations. In a survey, 255 employers highlighted the significance of state guidelines for companies to meet the goals of the Maternity Benefit Act. Also, 43% of employers said that guidelines on setting up creches would help their organizations meet the creche mandate.

We've discussed the ins and outs of the in-house crèche in this webinar.

In This Webinar, We've Discussed

  • The importance of in-house creche
  • The benefits of an in-house creche
  • How to start an in-house creche in India
  • The legal mandates of in-house creche under various acts of India
  • The guidelines for setting up and running a creche facility 
  • The infrastructure of an in-house creche 

Who Will Benefit the Most From This Webinar?

  • Companies
  • Employers 
  • Employees of various organization  
  • Working parents

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