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Why Sunshine Is The Best Preschool in India?

Sunshine Preschool is a venture of the SatNav Group, a joint venture with CfBT UK, and a strategic partnership with Old Station Nursery Chain, UK. We are a pioneer in the Preschool and Corporate Daycare concept in India, since 2005. We are your trusted parenting and education partner. We have a network of over 40 locations in India with more than 16,000 alumni to date, plus collaboration with many hundreds of other centers. Sunshine is recognized for its world-class early education and care programs which now offer the Phydigital model of education combining the best of technology with hands-on guidance. Our centers have comprehensively designed learning spaces and a loving & dedicated team of teachers & caregivers. We provide a safe, warm, and motivating environment for children.

Satisfied Parents

Satisfied Parents


Online Hours

Online Hours


Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team


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Physical Hours


Years of Experience

Years of Experience


Paid Programs

Paid Programs


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Smart Program

Distance Learning

Distance Learning Program (DLP)

Offer 3 Options; DLP Regular > Daily, Lite > Twice a week, and 24/7 > only online.

Corporate Creche

Online Preschool

Combining EdTech & SaaS for best learning outcomes in each school.

Corporate Creche

Corporate Creche

Onsite in your office, close to the office, or near your home

Daycare in India


Our daycare facilities operate from 8 am to 8 pm and include study, sleep, play, and homework support.

Why Trust Sunshine for Your Child’s Education?

We understand that each child is unique and encourage them to be themselves in a healthy and safe environment.

We gradually create a schedule for the child that includes studies, mealtimes,playing, and relaxing routines.

We adhere to International standards of Safety, Security, and Hygiene, allowing kids to learn and play in a secure environment.

We build cognitive and communicative skills in the children to make them ready for their future.

Parent Testimony

Here is the feedback from the happy parents who genuinely trusted us and handed over their little ones. Check out a few of their satisfied reviews. Watch video


Sunshine Preschool & Daycare

Celebrates The Passage of the Maternity Act, 2017

The passing of the Maternity Act in 2017 mandates organizations to give 26 weeks of paid maternity leaves to all women employees. It also makes it mandatory for every establishment employing 50 or more employees to create provisions for crèche or daycare facilities for the children.



Corporate Partnership

Our corporate creche solutions have provided many organizations in India, like Dr. Reddy’s, Act Fiber Net, Hexagon, etc. Our corporate facilities ensure a protected place for children to flourish.

The pandemic has placed almost all parents in an exceedingly tough situation wherever they struggle to balance their childcare responsibilities and employment. A professionally run corporate creche service with standards imbibed from the UK is the need of the hour. Else, one of the parents, mostly mothers, might quit their jobs as the compensation they get would not be attractive enough if high-cost options for childcare are chosen. This is where corporate crèches within your office or nearby can come to your rescue

Some of the significant advantages of having an in-house crèche facility are outlined here.

Reduced Stress Levels
Increased Productivity
Increased Loyalty
Reduced Absenteeism


Preschool Learning App

Study Plans

Study Plans are Personalised for Preschoolers

 Video Lessons

Provides Classwise & Theme-Based Video Lessons

Unlimited Practice Sessions

Unlimited Practice Sessions Available

All Platforms

Available Across All Platforms

Accessible Anytime Anywhere

Accessible Anytime Anywhere

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Frequently Asked

We have a Playgroup, Nursery, LKG, and UKG classes for kids in India.

Additionally, we have a professional daycare service.

Daycare facilities extend to children aged between 1.5 years to 12 years. We also have a separate Infant Care set up for children aged between 6 months to 1.5 years.

We have skilled and experienced faculty and staff members trained as per the CfBT standards. This ensures that the students are imparted the best international standard education is imparted to each student. Expert academicians and child psychologists shall also be a part of the education panel of Sunshine.

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