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What is Corporate Daycare?

A creche in office or daycare facility in companies is a form of onsite centre, generally sponsored by an employer. Most employers now offer daycare in office to provide convenient childcare solutions to their employees. For working parents, a significant challenge that often causes stress and can hinder an employee’s ability to remain productive is their child’s care. Childcare issues can threaten the ability of new parents to return to work after having a baby.

Daycare facility in companies is typically offered at a fee that parents subsidize, or some corporations might provide this profit for complimentary.

Sunshine’s Corporate Childcare Partners

Our corporate childcare solutions have provided many organizations in India, like Dr. Reddy’s, Act Fiber Net, Hexagon, etc. Our creche facility in offices ensures a protected place for children to flourish.

Sunshine Corporate Daycare Highlights

Experience in Corporate Daycare

17+ Years of Experience in Corporate Daycare 

100+ Corporates Pan India

100+ Corporates Pan India

Dedicated Team

40+ In-House Creche facilities in Pan India

Maternity Act

Assist in Complying with the Maternity Act

World-Class Curriculum

World-Class Curriculum Designed by UK Joint Venture Partner

Assessment Sheets

Assessment Sheets to Ensure a Better Learning Process

Our Service Model for Daycare in Office

At Sunshine, our team manages workplace daycare services at client premises or nearby offices, ensuring a convenient and efficient daycare facility in companies.

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Our Specialization in Creche Facility for Employees



Age-appropriate and theme-based curriculum for all age groups from 2 to 12 years.

Hygiene & Nutrition

Hygiene & Nutrition

We maintain proper hygiene & nutrition through regular audits at our centres.



Our creche facility for employees provides a world-class education for the holistic development of kids.

Personalised Care

Personalised Care

Our child-caretaker ratio is maintained with diligence and tracked with multiple remote observations.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Monthly centre-wise dashboards and review meetings with the Center Managers to ensure the safety and security of children.



Sunshine’s daycare in office service offers competitive & cost-effective models to employers.

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Benefits of Daycare Facility in Companies

Establishing a creche facility for employees not only addresses childcare dilemmas faced by parents in the workplace but also yields substantial benefits and rewards for the company.

Some of the Employee's Benefits are:

  • Employee retention of valued high-level employees who plan on having children and make more ambitious career decisions
  • Labor cost-cutting and reduced stress level of employees
  • Enhanced work productivity by minimizing the family's conflict disruptions
  • Female leadership by providing child care to new mothers
  • Corporate childcare is directly associated with employers' benefits in today's competitive market and it serves as a productivity booster with a long-lasting impact.

Through Sunshine’s daycare in office service, employers can:

  • Boost employee talent, which a business needs to build a high-performing workforce
  • Retain the value of promising leaders who plan on having children and motivate ambitious career decisions
  • Support female employees by providing new mothers with child care and cultivating job satisfaction
  • Eliminate the costs, labor, and stress that come from employee turnover
  • Enhance productivity by minimizing the disruption from family conflicts

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White House
Begumpet, Hyderabad

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NSL Arena
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Why Choose Sunshine Corporate Childcare Program?

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All major Indian cities often adopt detailed working schedules, and parents find it extremely difficult to care for their children without a creche in companies that follow all hygiene and safety norms. It's a proven fact that having a creche in office is a clear win-win for any company. Employee retention is one of the major benefits of offering creche in companies. Various businesses risk losing valuable leaders who are struggling to balance the demands of work with parenting responsibilities. Sunshine’s workplace creche facility in offices helps new parents return to work more easily and enables working parents to remain productive.

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Frequently Asked

According to the amendment in 2017, every workplace with 50 or more employees should have a creche or daycare facility in office. It should be provided free of cost for female employees by the management.

A 1500 square feet area is enough for a smaller center that accommodates less than ten children. We can proportionately increase the size based on growing requirements.

The first and foremost requirement would be a shell space, which will be furnished as per the number of estimated children who use the facility and the allocated budget.

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