What classes do you have?

We have, Playgroup, Nursery, LKG and UKG. We also have a professional daycare service operating in 2 shifts from 8am to 8pm for the convenience of the parents.

What is the intake age of the children?

1.6 for the Playgroup, 2.6 for Nursery, 3.6 for LKG, 4.6 for UKG. Daycare children from 1.6 onwards, maximum until 12 years. For children below 1.6 years we have a separate model of infant care where infants from age of 12 months are taken care of.

What is Teacher child ratio?

1:10 is the Teacher Child ratio for Playgroup & Nursery. 1:16 for LKG & UKG. There are support staff of the same ratio also available onsite to take care of kids thereby making it a very protected environment

How old is your school?

Sunshine started operations in Jan 2005 and the first school in Ameerpet set up. The Miyapur center was established in April 2006. Other Sunshine Branches were added in March 2007

What is SatNav Preschools?

SatNav Preschools is 100% owner of Sunshine. The Company is set up by the promoters of SatNav Technologies. SatNav Preschools is focusing on bringing international standard education in the pre-school segment in the country and daycare comparable with the best in the world. SatNav Technologies is a fast growing IT products focused company. For more details visit www.satnavtechnologies.com and www.satnavpreschools.com

Are the Faculty and Staff trained?

Sunshine has trained, experienced faculty and committed staff trained according to standards mentioned by CfBT to ensure the best international standard education is imparted to each student. Experienced academicians and child psychologists / experts are also being brought onto the panel of Sunshine. Each staff has a Loving and caring approach towards everything that is done at Sunshine

Is transport facility available?

Yes, the facility is being provided by vendors who have proven track records in preschool transport.

What are the Facilities for Day care children and school children?

  • Our pre-school has facilities on par with the best in the world:
  • Activity based learning
  • Field Trips and annual programs
  • Spacious, well-lit and well ventilated premises
  • We have toys which are educational and coated with non-toxic paints
  • Safe environment with Emergency exit and fire extinguishers
  • A separate dining hall for meal times and for learning table manners etc
  • 300 sq yards of open space in front with play pen and sand pit In Daycare
  • Study time to cater to their homework
  • Entertainment time for cartoons and educational movies, DVD shows
  • Library period for getting into the reading habit
  • Story telling and story creation session
  • Outdoor games sessionSnack and Refreshments session - we provide evening snacks and milk when required

What are the Timings for school and for Daycare?

School 9.00 to 12.30 for play group,Nursery,LKG,UKG with a 12 hour daycare.Our centers are open from 8.00AM to 8.00PM.

What is the Fee Structure?

The fee is decided based on the facilities that are being offered and the setup that is proposed to be maintained.

Do you have any Tie-ups with any standard school from 1st Standard onwards?

Yes, at present we have tie-ups with Radcliffe, GIS Uppal, GIS Patnacheru, CGR International School, Ivy League Academy, Maples, GMS and Orchids International.

Do you have any Expansion plans to go to other areas?

Yes, SatNav Preschools plans to have a network of schools across the city within three years. We will eventually have pre-schools in every major locality in Hyderabad city

What are the Timings for sleeping in daycare, what are the facilities available at that time?

A one-hour sleeping time is part of the daycare schedule. Adequate hygienic beds and sheets etc are available. The cots are of the best available standards. Coolers are available for the summer months

How frequently are the Restrooms cleaned?

The restrooms are maintained hygienically and are cleaned every hour, and more often in case they are required. The bathrooms are provided with exhaust fans and hygiene is maintained at all times.

How is the Kitchen maintained and who prepares the food?

The kitchen is well maintained and a trained cooks are employed to individual center The food is served in the common dining room for all the children and is vegetarian.

How do you handle if children are sick or need medication during school hours?

As a matter of practice we advise parents not to send sick children to the school. However, if the child is in recuperative mode and needs some follow up medicines, then the parents need to give the medicine along with a medicine approval form and the doctor's prescription and we can give it when the time is due. If some child feels sick during the school hours we immediately inform the parent and rush to the nearest available facility with due approval from the parents.