About Sunshine


To be a leader in Preschool Education and Daycare, provide children 'a home-away-from-home' to give them 'best-in-class' environment to optimize their Potential.


Sunshine pioneer in Preschool & Corporate Crèche since 2005  is a venture of  SatNav Group. We are your trusted parenting and education partner. We have a Pan India presence with more than 15,000 alumni to date. Sunshine is recognized for its world-class early education and care programs. Our centers have comprehensively designed learning spaces and a loving and dedicated team of teachers and caregivers. We provide a safe, warm, and motivating environment for children.

Sunshine caters to children from 12 months to 12 years. The School focuses on all facets of Child Development including Linguistic, Physical, Socio-emotional, Cognitive, and Creative areas. All areas of growth and development are given equal importance. The latest research in Early Childhood Education shows that the experiences in the early years (under 5 years) of a child shape what the child will be like as an adult. Sunshine keeps in mind that 50% of a child's cognitive development is over by age 5. Hence, we advocate that a preschool should be the preferred choice for parents rather than a regular school in those tender years.

Sunshine's shareholders include CfBT, a UK based trust that is a global leader in providing education and training services, Old Station Nursery which runs Preschools and Daycare in the UK and Benett & Coleman Company Ltd, a leading media group in India with a presence in TV, Radio, Internet, Newspapers and Magazines.