• Daycare operates from 8am to 8pm with different time slots.
  • A home away from home atmosphere to facilitate learning
  • Intake of 12 months to 12 years
  • Closed only on National Holidays
  • Provide 12 hours of service and care for children which includes study, sleep, play and homework support.
  • Snacks & Milk offered with healthy eating principles adhered to
  • Comprehensive After School care with planned schedule
  • Different activities and curriculum for each age group
  • Helping hand in home work
  • 11 Activity corners, each one's learning outcomes and integrations with curriculum for both Preschool & Daycare!!!
  • Hygiene and safety given prime importance
  • FREE CCTV access to parents to watch from home or office!
  • Parent feedback actively sought & implemented.
  • Our facilities are on par with the best in the world with a large emphasis on the growth and safety of each child.
  • Above all, reasonable fee structures to ensure parents get value-for-money.
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