Aayan has been at the creche when he was only 6 months to now being a little more than 2 years. He has enjoyed each and every day here. Many thanks to the entire Sunshine team at the creche to take such good care of Aayaan. You all are doing a very good job in taking care of our kids in such a good way. In last 2 years I really felt that he was at his second home. My son is going to miss his friends and teachers very much. Keep up the good job.

Novartis Parent Nayana & Apurva

With a heavy heart I write this note. My son Ayaansh's last day was yesterday in the creche. Kudos to all the staff, their patience care and affection. Not a single day did I find difficulty with the creche management. I was so blessed to have him near me with such trustworthy people. The staff who were so perfect in their updates of kids activities or food. .can't thank them enough, the love and care they showered on him. Thanks to all the caretakers for taking good care of him. You all are doing a wonderful job in taking care of our little ones in such a good way....thanks to Novartis creche management for always being there with us.... I wish new people at his school could able to handle him with the same love and care given by you all.... Thanks a ton.....God bless you all in good luck Team Sunshine

Novartis Parent - Spandana

Pari had a wonderful time in the Creche. Creche has become her favorite place now a days. Every day I could see how much she had enjoyed in Creche. She used to love everything about your Creche. Though I put her very late she has picked up so well, all credit to your efforts and support of your team. I could work peacefully only coz you told care of her so well. Thank you team for everything you have given to Pari.


Dear Team, I don't have enough words to tell how thankful I am to you all of giving such love and care to Rashmika. When she was 6 months old I handed her to your safe arms and now when I see her at 2 years I see how beautifully you all have molded her and brought discipline into her life. We both well miss you and your team. God bless you all with good health and happiness.


I want to express my appreciation for the Creche team for their excellent work carrying for Aviva. The difference you have made in her life is immeasurable. Thank you for everything you have done in the last one and half years. My Mind was always at ease because I knew she is at safe place, learning and having fun with her pears. Thanks for being a positive impact in Aviva's life. I will always be thankful to have you in my life.


I wanted to thank the magnificent team of the Creche whose meticulous efforts and love have shaped Aditya into what he is today. I cant thank the manager enough for all your efforts. My sincere gratitude to the Sunshine team and the facilities team, as because of there support I was totally relaxed regarding my son and could focus on my work.


I express my gratitude to the entire staff of Sunshine. Both my kids has their foundation laid by Maria and I'm so indebted to her and ofcourseDr.Reddy's has enabled me to perform my best at work through this provision. This is the 3rd birthday of my younger one. Now she will miss her foster mother Maria. Without your discipline and guidance, kids would not turn out to be the way they are. A million thanks to ou. Will cherish these lovely moments for life.


Havish misses the Creche a lot, it was really like a second home of her. There is no words to thank you all of the carethat you people give to each kid. Please continue this support system which helps each mother in Dr. Reddy's also. My heartful thanks to Sunshine team for giving us quality teachers, curriculum and caretakers.


Before my daughter came to Sunshine, she was in a different Creche for the first 2-3months. I wouldn't say it was not good, but it was nothing like this one. The management is nothing compared to yours, I speak out of experience. I see a lot of change in my daughter after she joined sunshine and I am more relaxed as a mother cause she is in good hands. There might be few hiccups, but its always there be it home or daycare. I would really like to thank you for all the hardwork and affection and patience that you and your team show to the kids. Thank you.


I am always thank ful to your team for the love, care affection they share in my kid. He's in the Creche from past 2.2 years and never evert did I feel he was neglected. I could work peacefully because of you're the team. Now that my search for school and other daycare is going in, I could realize the differences. I can vow that this kind of care will never be found. I and my son would definitely miss this place and the loving people.

Shweta Joshi

Taranjeet and her team take such good care of my son that it really is overwhelming, they look after like their own family. Never have I ever seen a frown on my son's caretaker Kavitha and she has kept him smiling all the time which is very reassuing to me as a first time mom. Please continue to keep up the good work. As a new mother I sometimes get flustered or Nxious and show it on them but they always take it in their stride. Please continue to do the good job that you do. Hema and Satyavathi shouldn't be missed out for their diligence and the affection they show on every kid. Please continue to take feedbacks as a learning process and feel motivated with appreciations. Thank you the wonderful team.


My son Ishu also miss his friends and teachers. Moreover it is taking lot of time for me to absorb the difference I see as compared to our office Creche staff. I am whole heartily thankful to all the staff who took such a good care of my son. In last 3 years, I really felt that he was at his second home. Specially I would like to mention Hema & Shabina whenever they were there in the Creche I never ever was worried about any stuff, be it food, his sleep and other activities etc. I really want to tell other parents, our kids are way much pampered over here. It's very different in outside daycares. All the best to whole team and keep your spirits high doing a great job


I would like to thank everyone at the Creche,Reana has had a smooth journey at daycare thanks to everyone's care and attention. My best wishes to the whole team and please continue the good work


I would like to convey great Thanks for the outstanding support of the full Satnav Team during the entire tenure of our kid. The Creche journey was amazing and we have captured very sweet memories seeing our kid growing. Zubiya has spent 2 years in Creche and have learnt many things and she will definitely miss Creche but at the same time we are going to cherish every moment that she has spent here.

Parent of Zubiya

We view ourselves as extremely lucky to have Sunshine Team to take care of our "Sweetu (Balaji)". You people are the best. Thank you so much for playing an active role in our life. The difference you people made in our life is immeasurable. Thank you for everything (including tolerating his tantrums) in the last two years. It is very difficult for me to express my gratitude to Gauri who has given so much of her time, energy and patience to take care of him. We will always be thankful to her.


My daughter Swarna joined the Creche when she was only 6 months old and from the first day at Creche to now being a 1.5 year old grown up, she has enjoyed each and every day here. She was always excited in the morning to go to the Creche and still now goes running inside. ..seeing Rani always brought a smile and glow to her face. I would like to thank the entire team at Sunshine for this support I got and helping me maintaining my sanity at work. You all do a wonderful job in taking care of our little munchkins in such good way.


I am Vivek, Father of Sumedh, He was your student of Kukatpally branch (Brindavan Colony) from Nov 2014 to Jan 2018. He finished Nursery in your school and was thereafter for day care with you till Jan 2018. His mother decided to take a carrier break hence we have discontinued association with you. But We are very much thankful to you and your staff for the support you gave us in last 4 years. Sunshine was always a home away from home for my child. He never resisted to come to your center. In holidays he was eager to join you back. In spite of language barrier in early age, he could cope up only because of the warmth he received from school faculties. Your center always kept him engaged in activities and games, which helped him to build primary skills. It is always tough for parents to leave their kid to days care, but you made it easy for us. Please communicate the mail to your management, your owner of sunshine, because we want to thank them. Special thank you to Kumari Mam, Sumati Mam and John, as they are associated with my son for long time.


Myself P. Ramakrishna father of P. Shri Haran and Vaibhav studying UKG in Boduppal Branch. Thanks for Cooperation and support given by Boduppal Team We are very much happy with the Education and all other Activities provided in School Mainly themes and Days celebrated are very much appreciable to whole Sun Shine Group of Boduppal Branch My Children got good foundation Thanks a lot to whole team of Boduppal branch


Dear Mam, I'm LAVANYA m/o LASYA and AASHRITHA studying in SUNSHINE PRESCHOOL in BODUPPAL .. HERE The staff are very good and Mainly, I liked the cleanliness and politeness of all the members of the sunshine. they look after my kids just as I do.. Indira Garu is very friendly and accepts feedback every now and then.. I am really thankful to all the staff who are always there and around my child. I can tell one thing for sure that here no child is neglected. I am very happy with the way sunshine treat my kids and the care they give for both of them..


Dear Mam, I am Prashant K Panda father of (Ronit P Panda) who is studying in LKG in Your School....

Where do I begin? Probably before the Pre-school even started, when I heard such nice things about Sunshine Pre-school. Based on popular opinion, I expected great things -- and I have not been disappointed. Ronit always has positive things to say about your class, from your storytelling, to your kindness on the playground. It's comforting to know that not only is Ronit getting a great education, but he is happy at school as well.

Me and My wife are so happy that Ronit is enjoying pre-school, you have no idea. It's not easy to send our child to Pre-school but seeing what a ball Ronit is having makes it a breeze. And we know we have you to thank for that. The activities you plan, the room you decorate, the friendships you help -- it's all incredible, and it's helping our son (and us!) believe that school is fun, which is incredibly important.

I appreciate Shanshanka,laxmi,santoshi, caretaker and security

Thank you for all your hard work. We truly appreciate it!

Prashant K Panda....

Happy with the services provided by SatNav team which helped students & their spouses to concentrate on their individual careers, in fact Creche became a USP of ISB. Policies & procedures set for children safety, health & hygiene are good. Individual attention, unique way of learning methodologies, parent interactive sessions are best in Sunshine.

ISB Facilities Team

In the last Couple of Years, we have witnessed tremendous change in Creche Services. Every Mother has her own preferences and needs, and everyone thinks their Kid must be given Preference. Gentle & Personal Touch by Sunshine Staff (in Mother's absence) feels Kids WARM. It reflects Care, Respect, Love, Affection & Kindhearted. I'm grateful to Ms Maria & team for handling Toddlers.

DRL Facilities Team

I would like to share my honest and sincere feedback about Sunshine daycare within ISB campus. Sunshine daycare has all the good qualities of a wonderful daycare. From teachers like Swapna ji who take utmost care of kids to attentive and sincere staffs/maids, Sunshine is a great place for children. They have several activities that focus on holistic and 360 degree development of children. Wishing Sunshine the very best always.

Arun, ISB

Great to see the Rain Dance pictures. This is just amazing.. I would like to thank all the staff in Sikh village/Diamond point center for their great work in engaging kids in all types of activities. I wish I was a kid.  My Kid is always very eager and happy to go to school and enjoys all the staff and teachers. They all have best attitude.


Hi Sultana, Thanks for sending Amrush's photo and happy to know that he is enjoying and learning !!! Thanks and regards


Hi Naseem, Thank you so much for sharing. I really appreciate this, I have never seen photos being shared through emails earlier and have always missed on activities that my child does. So this is simply GREAT !!! Looking forward to more. Thank you again

My daughter, Gabriella, who is now 1.5 years old, has been with Sunshine West Marredpally for almost 12 Months now. And I just wanted to give some very positive feedback about this center. The staff are extremely courteous and caring. My daughter is very well taken care off. I want you to know how important it is for us as parents to have confidence in the people whom we trust our infants with. But, with Sunshine West Marredpally, I am totally confident that my kid is well looked after. Thank you!

Veronica Pereira

Its just a 15 days my son 3yrs started school &day care at sunshine but i can see the nice change in him ,he is so energetic even after 9hrs at school, finishing food fast with no complaints most importantly mixing with other kids n talking nicely wit people ,me n my husband were worried for his food n habits but now we got a home next to home ..he is happy so we are....thanks to `Sunshine`Begumpet branch


HI, I am Ragini's mom. kind of a mom who is always concern about her child like whether my child is all alone or neglected, about her proper food, hygiene, learning, healthy environment. etc. But now I am happy that my daughter found another home at sunshine daycare, banjarahills and all that I wanted is here. the 'Saraswati puja' thing is wonderful. I am really thankfull to all the caretakers who are always there and around my child. I can tell one thing for sure that here my child is not neglected. The extra care that a mother wants for her child, am sure it is found at Sunshine banjara hills. Thanks to Mrs swarna and kavita. At sunshine they handle my child with all the love and care. I believe its a never ending process and my child will be loved and taken care perfectly till the time she is there.....cheers.....And Neela how can I forget thanking you.....You created trust and faith me, when you said now its our responsibility as your child in our hands now...U made my career path smoother.....Thanks : )


Hi, I am saketh's mother. He started going to sunshine day care when he was 12 months old. Now he goes to his play school in sunshine. I am very thankful to Razia madam and swarna madam. Saketh likes to go to his school now only because of these 2. Razia madam pampers my kid almost as I do, and Swarna madam is no less in that. I am very happy with the way sunshine treats my kid and the care they give for my kid :)

Sri Purnima

My son S V Saathvik (Chinna Saathvik) joined Sunshine at the age of 3 months. He is now 14 months old. Sunshine plays a great role in my professional life for the kind of support they extend in taking care of my kid. Thanks for this initiative which helps working mothers concentrate on their career also.

Syamala Somayajula

Hello, my daughter Beulah(Candy)in nursery(age:3 years) going to sunshine, Jubilee Hills since she is one year eight months old.Now this year we also joined her in day care after seeing the care taken by the staff last year during her school,Earlier i use to depend on my maid to take care of my daughter but it was causing lot many problems because she often use to take leave,it used to became difficult for me to go for work but now i do not carry that tension anymore since my daughter is in day care and i can h appily concentrate on my work and i know that my daughter is in a secured place and very well taken care off.Thanks a lot Sunshine staff for all this. Without you guys i would not have been able to continue to work...

Jalli Prashanthi

Ur school is very nice keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

Alka Kumari

Its a great pleasure to write about the creche facility at Novartis.

After my maternity break I am hesitant to place my 4 month old year Kid in the creche but I have no other way.The first day I went into tears not willing to leave her alone there. To be frank neither my parents or my In-laws were not at all happy to leave the kid in a day care.Initial days I used to go a minimum of 4 times a day to see how my kid is doing.

But now I hardly go only once. This all credit goes to Sultana who takes care of each and every child with no discretion. The hygenicity,the feeding timing every thing they maintain so well that is not possible at home. Now my kid Cherry is 12 month old and she is doing well and I am enjoying my work.

My Special thanks to Sultana.

My advice to all Novartis parents who are hesitant to join their kid in the creche, please go-ahead and see the best results. Best regards,

Uma Devi Makireddy,Oncology DM,Novartis Healthcare Pvt.Ltd.,

I was so happy to see the staff politeness. They received us in a very friendly manner and they gave strong assurance especially to me as I broke down while leaving my child over there.They all gave me assurance regarding my child that & We are Here & to look after your child. Mainly, I liked the cleanliness and politeness of all the members of the sunshine. Even before I went to some day care centers. I didnt see this type attitude.

Pallavi Akuthota

Hi, This is Aarti. My daughter Isha joined Sunshine when she was 12 months old. It was very difficult to let go a 12 months old kid to strangers. But thanks to sunshine staff, me and my daughter no longer feel that sunshine staff are strangers. They take care very good care of my child. This is the only reason why we are not able to move to different area. I am never worried when Isha is in Sunshine. Its really like a "home away from home.".. thanks a million..!!! keep up the good work! lots of love


Hi, I am mother of 3 year 10 months daughter (koushita) , who joined Sunshine when she was 2 years 9 months. She was there till Dec 2009. We came to USA 3 months back. There is not a single day without she talking about her school. She was reminding her friends, Teachers, Helpers every day including the Gate Keeper ( Especially Teacher Subhashini, Mary Madam, and Sonali Madam) Thank You for All your support..... waiting to join Sunshine School again....


My 12 months old kid (Saketh) enjoys going to the day care happily. I love the way they make my small kid learn new things. Thanks to Sunshine.

V. Sripurnima

We are parent of Santati, play group and daycare student of Sunshine, Begumpet.

We are privileged to attend the annual function of Sunshine Begumpet organized on 7th March 2009 and lucky to see first and marvelous stage performances of future Icons. We are really thankful to all the teachers, organizers and staff members for her great effort to make it happen. Such event helps the kids in developing ability to express and over come stage fear.

Many thanks to whole sunshine family and we expect many more beautiful events in future.

Santosh & Seema

Hello, my daughter's (age:14 months) going to sunshine, Habsiguda since she is 12 months old. I simply could not able to think anything apart from Sunshine for my daughter as I felt its the best daycare in twin cities. However now Habsiguda will become very far as we've shifted to Malkajgiri. Please consider a branch in Malkajgiri or somewhere nearby to it so that there is no possibility of moving my daughter away from Sunshine. This is a mother's ardent request.


We are parents of Aditya (pinku) ,our 2 yr child at sunshine, Ashok nagar branch.

We were initially quite apprehensive about the summer camp, after all what will our naughty hyperactive 2 yr child do.

Our worries were unfounded, the various activities done during the 2 month period was awesome, till i saw my son doing the crafts himself, i did not believe a 2 yr child could have such good skills.
I congratulate the staff for organizing such a good summer camp.

Dr. Nagalaxmi & Dr. Praveen
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