Maternity Bill Passed !

On the above lines, we offer;
  • Guidance in setting up the facility
  • All Staff and Personnel Matters
  • Training, Monitoring and evaluation
  • Day-to-Day operations, activity implementation

Benefits to the Employer:
  • Less absenteeism from the employees
  • It can be a part of your employee welfare program
  • Can become the company's USP during recruitment
  • Giving a professional touch to the service offered
  • You can become a role model for other companies
  • It is a win-win opportunity for employer and employee
  • Accessibility to the International standards curriculum
  • Reduces attrition of lady employees


Benefits to the Employee:
  • Child will be in the vicinity of the parent, especially for infants
  • Expectant mothers can be assured of professional service at the work place, get hands on experience during their walk through of the creche
  • Age appropriate curriculum for children from different age groups designed by CfBT & The Old Station Nursery, both UK firms, partners of Sunshine Preschools, who bring in world expertise and experience from over 20 countries in the world
  • Adequate adult child ratio will help the child to grow better under trained staff (caretakers & faculty)
  • Parents will save time, energy, money and efforts by getting the child to their work place or nearby instead of dropping them elsewhere
  • Mothers can work with comfort and ease without having to think about the child being left at home
  • Mothers can drop in during their recess time to look at their child. Feeding mothers have the opportunity to feed the child and helps to build the bond between the child and the mother.
  • Parent will learn the methodology, pattern of teaching to the child
  • Good governance, operating in Corporate model
  • Decentralized working model with guidelines


Hi Sultana, Thanks for sending Amrush's photo and happy to know that he is enjoying and learning !!! - Prajakta

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