Develop Your Child's Writing Skills with Online Preschool Pre-writing Activities

Developing your child's writing skills is an important part of their development. Just as we need to train ourselves before running a marathon, children must train before beginning to write. In this blog, we discuss some easy ways to develop pre-writing skills that guarantee student success.

What Are Prewriting Activities?

Pre-writing activities are the fundamental abilities that your child must acquire before learning to write. They allow the child to hone their fine motor abilities and strengthen their arms and finger muscles. Pre-writing is aimed to provide a child the ability to:

  • Hold a pencil properly
  • Manoeuvre a pencil for desired outcomes
  • Facilitate proper letter formation

By stimulating their senses through a variety of sensory activities, your child can generate neural connections in the brain that strengthen the link between the names and sounds of the letters they are making and the forms of the letters they are producing.

Easy to Execute Online Prewriting Activities for Preschoolers

Parent-led pre-writing exercises don't have to be difficult to execute. To get started, all you need is some room and standard home supplies. Here are a few quick pre-writing activities that can get your child prepared to write.

  • Playdough Games

    For children, play dough is an ideal material for squeezing, pinching, rolling, and just having a good time. Moreover, it develops fine motor skills as well as dexterity in children. If you want to make this activity more interesting, you can use straws. Straws can be stuck into the play dough for a great sensory activity, and kids can make some pretty interesting creations this way.

  • Paper Crunching

    This is probably one of the easiest activities a parent can do with their child, and it is also a great motor skill activity. The child's finger and palm are exercised while scrunching the paper, which enhances the movement needed for more difficult pre-writing skills.

  • Shaving Cream Doodling

    While this might mean a little mess, your child will love this activity! Using shaving cream as paint allows a child to express themselves creatively. You can also add the shaving cream to a tray and let your child trace shapes and letters onto it.

  • Rice Pouring

    Using two containers, one filled with rice and one empty, you can let your child scoop and pour the rice into the other container. Through this prewriting activity, your child can develop hand stability and strength.

  • Chalk Drawing

    This involves tracing letters and alphabets with chalk on a tiny blackboard. Your child will not only learn how to draw more steadily by repeatedly tracing these characters but also learn important letters in the alphabet. Use different coloured chalk to make this activity more fun!

  • Masking Tape

    A clear surface and a roll of colourful masking tape make this a fun writing exercise. The kid can use it to trace lines and shapes. Additionally, clean-up is much simpler!

  • Salt Tracing

    Use a salt tray and let your child trace lines and shapes with it. An easy activity to conduct, it allows for the development of fine motor abilities through the frequent use of one hand—often the same hand—for task execution.

  • Playing ball

    A ball can be thrown and caught to build arm strength, work the shoulders and elbows, and develop wrist rotation. When kids eventually begin writing, these big motions will help.

What Prewriting Activities Can Do for Your Child?

The above pre-writing activities can help your child in the following ways:

  • Aid in producing coherent thinking
  • Allows children to organize and process the order when writing
  • Boosts the ability to pre-think or brainstorm before engaging in an activity

Help Nurture Your Kid's Writing Abilities with Sunshine's Online Preschool

Children's pre-writing abilities determine how easily and effectively they can grip and manoeuvre a pencil, and ultimately produce legible writing. Having difficulty writing legibly might result in frustration and resistance. We at Sunshine Preschool & Daycare are committed to providing students with a holistic education through our online preschool that teaches these fundamental skills. Contact us today to enrol your kid and you can also download our preschool learning app for one-stop solution for all the learning needs of your children.


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