Sunshine aids Preschool Industry Revival with DLP Grants Scheme Sahaya

In a bold and path-breaking move, Sunshine, India's Pioneer in Preschools and Corporate Creches since 2005, has come up with Sahaya Scheme to develop a lifeline for the COVID-19 affected Preschool Industry. Closed since April 2020, this segment has been unable to benefit from any of the previously launched revival schemes.

Effects of the Pandemic on the Preschool Industry

As a result of the pandemic-induced shutdown, most regular schools are comfortably pursuing online classes and often charging the same fees despite lower running costs. However, where preschools are concerned, less than 15% of children in major metros have continued their education, a figure that is even lower in other towns.
The parents and their children, as well as the Preschool service providers, have all been badly affected. The children are deprived of the crucial learning phase during rapid brain development, while service providers struggle to make ends meet.

Understanding the Sahaya Scheme

What the Preschool Owners Need to Do

Under this program, Sunshine will encourage preschool owners of any brand to

  1. List down those parents who have discontinued their children's education
  2. Approach them
  3. Offer enrollment in their Distance Learning Program (DLP), an immensely successful course for Preschoolers in India.

Expected Fee Structure

The reasonable fee is

  1. For a comprehensive LKG or UKG program- Rs 18,000
  2. For PlayGroup and Nursery program- Rs. 12,000

How Preschool Owners Will Benefit

  1. Enrolments up to Rupees 1 Lakh will be given back as a grant to the first 100 preschools owners who sign up as a partner.
  2. The next 1 lakh in revenue will be shared equally between the preschool owner and Sunshine.
  3. For all additional enrolments, the revenue generated will be divided between the preschool partners and Sunshine based on the 70-30 model, with 30% going to the preschool partner, thus ensuring a significant grant to Preschool Owners.

The Spirit behind the Sahaya Scheme

Presenting the Sahaya scheme, Sunshine Founder & Vice Chairman Amit Prasad said, "While most industries have managed to find a way around the Pandemic to keep afloat, the Preschool industry has been stuck without a solution. As Pioneers since 2005 and industry leaders, we are taking the lead in its revival".

Sunshine's DLP program has recently completed its 1st term successfully. The 2nd term is in full swing with several hundred enrolments across India. Existing Preschool partners who have already enrolled children with Sunshine can also benefit from every additional admission they bring under this scheme.

Sahaya Scheme for Preschool Industry


Sunshine Preschool & Daycare

Sunshine India's 1st Preschool and Daycare Chain, is a venture of the SatNav Group. SatNav is a pioneer and leader in the Preschool cum Daycare concept in India since 2004, now present at 40+ locations! Over 10,000 children have passed out of our institution's portals till date.


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