Important Points to Know About Rhyming Words for Preschoolers

Rhyming words are referred to as words that start with different sounds but end with a similar sound. Most certainly, not all rhyming words for preschoolers end with the exact spellings. Preschoolers should be taught to listen to the word sound to determine if they finish in the same way and rhyme. For instance, some rhyming words for fall are call, tall, small, crawl, etc.

The rhyme arrangements between a song or poetry lines are called a rhyme scheme. In a poem or a song, these rhyming schemes are shown using letters indicating which lines rhyme with which other lines.

Importance of Rhyming Words for Preschoolers

The points which signify the benefits of rhyming words for preschoolers are mentioned below:

  • Nursery rhymes are important for language acquisition
  • Helps with speech development
  • Helps in the development of mouth and tongue muscles of little ones
  • Offers better imagination by creating a picture in the mind
  • Sometimes adds joy to the daunting task of learning to read
  • Improves their fluency and other important reading and writing skills

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Benefits of Rhyming Words for Preschoolers

Rhymes offer several benefits to toddlers, they are as follows:

  • It develops phonemic awareness
  • Builds memory and articulation
  • Supports the understanding of concepts such as painting pictures in children's mind
  • Enhances learning skill

Rhyming Words List

Here's a list of a little over 10 rhyming words in English as examples. They will help as you introduce and work on rhymes with your little one.

See Rhyme Words:

Sea, she, he, bee, fee, tea, flee, tree

Day Rhyme Words:

bay, gay, hay, lay, pay, ray, say, way, clay, pray, stay

Fly Rhyme Words:

dry, pry, buy, guy, fry, try, sky, eye, high, sigh

Far Rhyme Words:

bar, car, jar, tar, our, spar, star, scar

Boat Rhyme Words:

Oat, coat, dote, goat, vote, float

Book Rhyme Words:

Cook, look, hook, nook, took, brook, crook

Love Rhyme Words:

Dove, wove, glove, shove, above

Hands Rhyme Words:

bands, glands, scans, lands, sands, stands

Name Rhyme Words:

Came, aim, dame, fame, same, game, lame, tame, blame, claim, fame

Song Rhyme Words:

Dong, gong, long, strong, throng, wrong, belong, prolong

Rain Rhyme Words:

Gain, lane, main, bane, cane, pain, rein, vain, chain, crane, train

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Rhyming Activities for Skill Enhancement

Perform fun activities to give your little ones a better grasp on opportunities. The better they practice, the better they will get at it. Below are some fun ways to teach preschoolers rhyming.

  1. Aloud Reading

    This is one of the best ways to empower your little preschooler to pick up on rhyming skills. It teaches them to rhyme sounds in a meaningful, fun, and engaging manner.

  2. Rhymes Basket

    Put some objects in a basket. Now say a word, such as 'boat,' and then have your child pull out an object from the basket that rhymes with 'boat'- say a 'coat.' It doesn't matter if the rhyming word you say is accurate. The idea here is to get the preschooler to identify the sounds.

  3. Rhymes Match-up

    Draw or layout different pictures in front of your preschooler. Have your little one match the pictures with each other based on if they rhyme. This is another way of learning rhyming words with pictures.

  4. Drawing a Picture on the Board

    Draw a picture on a board or a sheet of paper. Ask your preschooler to erase the word from the picture that rhymes with the one mentioned with every word you say aloud. Keep playing until the whole picture is erased.

  5. Songs, Poems, Nursery Rhymes, and Fingerplays

    Preschoolers enjoy singing and dancing. The best fun way is to have them dance to rhymes through a song. Simple fingerplays, poems, and rhymes also help in enhancing skills.

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